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Diana Arbenina, Night Sniper

24 September 2010
Diana Arbenina

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So today I receive a friend request from a Ukrainian called Skeleton88. He and I listen to a lot of the same metal bands. But the outfit he listens to most has a name in the Cyrillic alphabet – nightsniper – so I get curious.  Turns out it’s spelt Nochnye Snaipery (or Snajpery or Snaypery) in the English alphabet, which means "Night Sniper".  And they don’t make metal at all. Think alternative folk-rock crossed with mild punk; like Gogol Bordello without the coke. They’re fronted by a woman called Diana Arbenina, and while her band’s lyrics all appear to be in Russian, it just doesn’t matter. Listen to a few of their songs on YouTube and you’ll get to love her occasionally humourous but always passionate attitude, her confidence and her talent:

She doesn’t bother trying to sell her body; girls should learn from her. Beauty fades – polish your talent instead. (Going by YouTube, she’s been doing just that since 1993, when she recorded a kickass Russian version of "I Will Survive"). Of course, it may be that she’s a dyke and she doesn’t care if the world knows. If that’s the case, there’s another reason to admire Diana Arbenina.

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