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How I managed to make a pessimist happy

27 September 2010

What is worse: for humankind to destroy itself before it starts living beyond the Earth’s atmosphere, or for us to venture forth into the universe to spread our trademark destruction and terror infinitely wider?

Ultimately, one of the above will happen.  The former will be the best, even though I dearly love the thought of all that deep-space venturing. I just don’t trust the human race to do anything but damage. Luckily, I think the former is also more likely.  Which, to my mind, is cause for happiness. 

So, maybe I should be less of a sourpuss. Just think: the universe is safe from us!  We’ll only ever fuck up one planet, and it may even survive us after we have murdered one another into extinction.

All will be well in the end, once the human era is over.

I feel much better now.


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One Comment
  1. Until we fix our thinking, nothing good can come of us going anywhere…

    My own selfish desire to see and know it all must be overruled for the sake of Reality.

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