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The Inimitable Arseface

3 January 2011

Arseface is an unforgettable character from the "Preacher" graphic-novel series by writer Garth Ennis and artists Steve Dillon & Glen Fabry  ( and  It is my favourite series of graphic novels, bar none.  Not even the great Alan Moore (Swamp Thing, V for Vendetta, Watchmen, etc. etc.) can top this.

The Preacher in the story is a man who has lost his faith in humanity.  One day while he (with hangover) delivers a sermon in church, the spawn of an angel man and demon woman collides with him as it flees from Heaven, where it has been kept under wraps by a bunch of embarrassed clerical angels.  The church is destroyed, along with all the parishioners — but the Preacher, Jesse Custer, emerges with a throbbing head, a celestial bastard inside him that has given him the power to make people do things just by telling them to, and a thirst to take on God for having abandoned the human race.  Fantastic premise and a spectacularly blasphemous piece of work.

And oh, you have to love Arseface, the teenage boy who decides to shoot himself in the head with a shotgun just like his hero, Kurt Cobain.  Unfortunately, he survives his suicide attempt, and from then on, he is known only by the aforementioned name:

arseface2     arseface


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