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Africans who don’t think like "Africans"

5 January 2011

If a white person said these words, there would be big trouble with a capital R. But these words are by a black person called Leo Igwe:

Africans should stop hiding behind this misrepresentation that reason and science are unAfrican western values. Africans should embrace the enlightening matrices of critical mindedness and work to dispel the dark age and barbaric mentality that loom large on the continent.

Don’t you dare post a comment on this blog before you read his article:

Igwe’s is a lone voice in the wilderness. Ooh, am I being racist?  Sorry, I’m really trying to give a shit, but … no.

Actually, you know what’s racist?  Pretending that it’s OK for so many Africans never to be given any choice but to be imprisoned from birth in their parents’ superstitious, brutal, uninformed, homicidally prejudiced mental ghettoes.  Anybody who says, "but that’s the African way", is the enemy of Africa. Is the enemy of human fucking decency.


Also see Out of America: A Black Man Confronts Africa


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