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Grand Magus Swings a Hell of a Hammer

2 February 2011


Grand Magus’s Hammer of the North is pure fist-in-your-face metal, recorded in 2010 but riffing along juggernautically as if it was still 1984. Epic and uncomplicated (hard to believe it’s Swedish, except of course for all the Viking imagery).  Make sure you go pee before you start listening, else your pants will get it.

In the words of the reviewer:

"In all seriousness, although the Viking metal gimmick has been done to death over the previous decades, Grand Magus’ unusually infectious songwriting and top-notch talents (singer/guitarist J.B. is quite simply as good as they come on both of his instruments) easily elevate these songs above the countless bands operating in the niche. That’s why listeners would do well just to leave their suspicions at the gates of Valhalla and accept the righteous northerly hammering awaiting them here."


Please also listen to Iron Will, by the same band. It’s just as good as Hammer of the North, if not better.  Too much metal for one hand!


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