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Despair sounds so much better in French

31 May 2011

Les Discrets is a relatively new band that has made a pretty big impact right from the start with its debut album, Septembre et ses dernières Pensées.  Call it light ambient alternative post-black metal, if you want.  No growling, lots of male and female choruses, but still nominally an alternative brand of metal.  Although I think it has more in common with a soundtrack for a movie about discerning, highly educated young vampires on Prozac 🙂

Having said that, you can put this album on repeat and bliss out.



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  1. A fine album, one of my favourite of 2010. Do you like Alcest? It’s cut from the same cloth and also shares some personnel in Neige.

  2. Hey – fanks! Monkey Defies Gravity is one hell of a site. Alcest is next on my list, actually. Only checked out Les Discrets first because of the lovely album cover 😉

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