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Emperors of Pain

14 June 2013

German destroyers of repose Imperium Dekadenz are a perfect example of a black metal outfit that follows the rules while blazing a new trail. They do the sawing lawnmower sound and the tear-your-throat out screams so well that you just sink into the dismal comfort of it all, relishing the familiar sound of infinite torture while you relax in the recognition of their sure-handedness in composition and execution. No dull edges, no repetitiveness, just excellence. And yet, it’s not just standard fare. These guys have vision, a sense of purpose that goes beyond the mere striving to sound kvlt. Maybe it’s musicality, the epicness, the never-overblown *colour* of their work that adds a new dimension to the sinewy bleakness of their black metal.

Whatever it is, Imperium Dekadenz are not just a competent black-metal band. They are artists who always take care to honour black metal, but not to restrain themselves by what has gone before.

Meadows of Nostalgia is a masterpiece. If they never make another album, that’ll almost be better than being disappointed by it. But if whatever they make next doesn’t disappoint … oh, wow.


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